NEXT BUS User’s Guide

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Your Information When You Want It!

CyRide provides bus prediction service via a system called NEXT BUS where a telephone, mobile device or web-enabled computer can be used to view exactly where a bus is located and its predicted time of arrival. The information below provides specific instructions on how to access this information in these formats.


Step 1:  Text "CyRide + the Bus Stop #" to 41411 (ex. CyRide 0001)

  • There must be a space between “CyRide” and the “Bus Stop #” when texting.
  • Message and data rates may apply (based upon your plan with your cell carrier). At no point will CyRide or NEXT BUS charge you for their service.
  • Bus Stop numbers can be obtained from CyRide’s list of stop numbers or by looking for the stop number on the bus stop signs. To keep track of the bus stop you frequent the most, print off CyRide's Wallet Card.
  • For first time users, NEXT BUS will prompt you with a welcome message.
  • If your device has GPS capability with your location accessible, you can use a special link that will find your location automatically to identify the nearest stop:

Step 2: Follow the prompted menu options. For instance, a reply message may ask which route if more than one route services the stop you are requesting.

Step 3:
To clear requested information and start over, text “NBUS CyRide “Bus Stop #” (ex. NBUS CyRide 0001)


Step 1: Call 515-509-2609

Step 2: When prompted, enter your bus stop number. Bus Stop numbers can be obtained from:


Due to the variety of available phones, platforms, and browsers, the menus of NextBus may display different; however, both Android and I-Phone platforms are supported.

For a Computer:

Step 1: Visit and click on the NEXT BUS button or visit

Step 2: Select your desired route.

Step 3: Select your direction of travel (if applicable)

Step 4: Select your bus stop.

Step 5: Bookmark this page if you would like a quick reference to this bus stop information.

For Web-Enabled Cell Phones:

Step 1: Follow the on-screen instructions (mobile web versions vary from phone to phone).  For smartphones, a QR barcode located on the lower right corner of the bus stop sign can be scanned using any free QR mobile scanning application.


If you are unsure of your stop number, or you would like to view a map displaying the next arrival times as well as a visual of the current location of buses servicing the Route you have selected, use the Google Map or Live Map features. You can also find these map links at You will need to choose the routes you want to view by either clicking "routes" in the center of the Live Map version or by clicking the paper with lines on the upper right hand corner (tan header bar) of the Google Map page. Once you get the routes you want displayed, simply mouse-over the bus stop of your choice to obtain the times.



This new technology is based upon Global Positioning Satellite and cellular technology where buses communicate directly with a server and databases. Information uploaded includes the bus’ current location and its rate of progression through its route. Based on historical averages, day of the week and time of day, the databases make an algorithmic calculation that provides arrival predictions to a customer through their telephone, smartphone or computer.

NEXTbus bus stopNEXTbus bus stop Signage:

CyRide added a second bus stop sign located directly below the current CyRide bus stop sign. The signs provide customers with the necessary information to immediately access the NEXT BUS system. Each stop has its own unique identification number, a local telephone number, a text message number and a QR code.

In addition, large LED digital signage is installed on Iowa State University campus at major transfer locations providing bus arrival information for passengers waiting at these bus stop locations. These four locations are:

  •  Student Services
  •  Friley Hall
  • Kildee Hall
  • Bessey Hall


The benefits of this technology are two-fold:
  • For the Customer:  CyRide's passengers can benefit from this technology by knowing where the bus is located and when it is expected to arrive at a bus stop. This can help passengers effectively plan their transportation in a way that is convenient for them, especially in inclement weather. Also, advanced features of the technology allow a customer to set alerts, so that they can be notified when the bus in near the bus stop.  Click here to find out more and sign up for NEXT BUS Alerts.

  • For CyRide:  CyRide staff can manage the transit system as efficiently as possible. CyRide's dispatchers now have the capability to scan a live map that automatically alerts them to any system abnormalities such as late buses or buses deviating from their route. Historical reports can also be developed to aid in route planning or to answer a customer’s question about a bus trip.

CyRide officially launched the NEXT BUS system in January 2013. To make comments about how this service is working for you, to report a missing bus stop sign or to ask questions, please contact CyRide at 292-1100 or