#6 Brown North Bus Stops

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#6 Brown North
8990 The Core
8980 University Blvd. at Second Roundabout
8970 University Blvd. at Wessex
8960 University Blvd. at Holiday Inn
8950 University Blvd. at Baymont
8940 University Blvd. at Mortensen Pkwy
8931 Mortensen Pkwy at Coneflower Ct.
8921 Mortensen Pkwy at Big Bluestem Ct.
8911 Mortensen Pkwy at Ash Ave.
8901 Mortensen Pkwy at Gateway Hills Park Dr.
8891 Mortensen Pkwy at Hayward Ave.
8880 Hayward Ave. at Wilson Hall
8870 Storm St. at Welch Ave.
8850 Welch Ave. at Knapp St.
8790 Welch Ave. at Chamberlain St.
1174 Lake Laverne
1175 Enrollment Services Building
1176 Student Services
1122 Sweeney Hall
2530 Coover Hall
2520 Parks Library
2500 Bessey Hall
2491 University Blvd. at Stange Rd.
4500 Stange Rd. at Frederiksen
4140 100 UV
4130 Stange Rd. at Blankenburg Dr.
4120 Stange Rd. at Greensboro Dr.
4110 Stange Rd. at Camden Dr.
4104 Stange Rd. at Northridge Pkwy
4100 Stange Rd. at Aspen Rd.
4090 Stange Rd. at Yorkshire Rd.
4080 Stange Rd. at Bloomington Rd. Rd.
4070 Bloomington Rd. at Hyde Ave.
4060 Bloomington Rd. at Eisenhower Ave.
4050 Bloomington Rd. at Fletcher Blvd.
4040 Bloomington Rd. at Hoover Ave.
4031 Bloomington Rd. at Roy Key Ave.
4020 Bloomington Rd. at Grand Ave.
4011 Grand Ave. at Wheeler St.
5005 30th St. at Grand Ave.
5001 North Grand Mall