#3 Blue South Bus Stops

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#3 Blue South
5001 North Grand Mall
1033 Northern Lights
1034 Roy Key Ave. at Wheeler St.
1035 Roy Key Ave. at 30th St.
4201 30th St. at Regency Ct.
4211 Northwestern Ave. at 30th St.
4221 Northwestern Ave. at Johnson St.
4231 Northwestern Ave. at 26th St.
4241 24th St. at Northwestern Ave.
4251 24th St. at Hoover Ave.
4261 24th St. at Hayes Ave.
4271 24th St. at Northcrest Dr.
4281 24th St. at Kent Ave.
4300 Edenburn Dr. at #40 Schilletter
4311 Edenburn Dr. at #27 Schilletter
4321 Stotts Rd. at Edenburn Dr.
4331 Stotts Rd. at Blankenburg Dr.
4341 University Village Laundry
4351 Long Rd. at #130 University Village
4361 Bruner Dr. at Long Rd. (#100 UV)
4501 Stange Rd. at Frederiksen
2490 University Blvd. at Stange Rd.
2501 Kildee Hall
2511 Physics Hall
2521 Gilman Hall
2531 Armory
1092 Howe Hall
1210 Upper Friley
1211 Lower Friley
2030 Kingland Systems
2020 Lincoln Way at Lynn Ave.
2010 Buchanan Hall
2301 Beach Ave. at Lincoln Way
6451 Beach Ave. at Sunset Dr.
6460 S. 4th St. at Beach Ave.
6470 Jack Trice Stadium
6480 S. 4th St. at University Blvd.
6490 S. 4th St. at S. Maple
6510 S. 3rd St. at HyVee
6520 S. 3rd St. at Pear Tree
6550 S. 3rd St. at Walnut Ave.
6560 S. 3rd St. at S. Kellogg
6731 S. Duff Ave. at S. 3rd St.
1065 S. 5th Ave. at S. Duff Ave.
6571 River Birch Apartments