#3 Blue North Bus Stops

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#3 Blue North
6571 River Birch Apartments
1002 South Meadow Apartments
6540 Walnut Ave. at S. 5th St.
6530 Walnut Ave. at S. 3rd St.
6521 S. 3rd St. at HyVee
6511 S. 4th St. at Grand Ave.
1007 S. 4th St. at S. Maple Ave.
6491 S. 4th St. at S. Hazel Ave.
6481 S. 4th St. at University Blvd.
6471 S. 4th St. at Victory Lane
6461 S. 4th St. at Beach Ave.
6450 Beach Ave. at Sunset Dr.
2001 Lincoln Way at Beach Ave.
2011 Lincoln Way at Union Dr.
2021 Lincoln Way at Lynn Ave.
1174 Lake Laverne
1175 Enrollment Services Building
1176 Student Services
1122 Sweeney Hall
2530 Coover Hall
2520 Parks Library
2500 Bessey Hall
2491 University Blvd. at Stange Rd.
4500 Stange Rd. at Frederiksen
4140 100 UV
1016 Blankenburg Dr. at Stange Rd.
1017 University Village Laundry
1018 Stotts Rd. at Blankenburg Dr.
1019 Stotts Rd. at Edenburn Dr.
1020 Edenburn Dr. at #27 Schilletter
1021 #40 Schilletter
4280 24th St. at Prairie View West
4270 24th St. at Northcrest Dr.
4260 24th St. at Hayes Ave.
4250 24th St. at Hoover Ave.
4240 Northwestern Ave. at 24th St.
4230 Northwestern Ave. at 26th
4220 Northwestern Ave. at Johnson St.
4210 Northwestern Ave. at 30th St.
4200 30th St. at Regency Ct.
5004 30th St. at Wal Mart
5001 North Grand Mall