#2 Green East Bus Stops

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#2 Green East - California to Mall
3951 Ontario St. at California Ave.
3940 Ontario St. at Kentucky Ave.
3930 Ontario St. at Illinois Ave.
3920 Ontario St. at Georgia Ave.
3910 Ontario St. at Delaware Ave.
3901 Ontario St. at Sawyer School
3894 Ontario St. at Arizona Ave.
3890 Ontario St. at Alabama Ln.
3880 Ontario St. at Garfield Ave.
3870 Ontario St. at Scholl Rd.
3860 Ontario St. at Wisconsin Ave.
3850 Ontario St. at Iowa Ave.
3831 Hyland Ave. at Ontario St.
3811 Hyland Ave. at Forest Hills Dr.
3801 Hyland Ave. at Oakland St.
2070 West St. at Hyland Ave.
1209 State Gym
1122 Sweeney Hall
2530 Coover Hall
2520 Parks Library
2500 Bessey Hall
5680 University Blvd. at Haber Rd.
5670 University Blvd. at CyRide Rd.
5650 6th St. at Brookside Park
5640 6th St. at Brookridge Ave.
5630 Northwestern Ave. at 6th St.
5500 City Hall
5420 Clark Ave. at 7th St.
5410 Clark Ave. at 9th St.
5401 9th St. at Grand Ave.
5390 Grand Ave. at 11th
5380 Grand Ave. at 13th
5371 16th St. at Grand Ave.
5361 16th St. at Roosevelt Ave.
5351 16th St. at Northwestern Ave.
9221 16th St. at Ridgewood Ave.
9200 Ames High School
9210 20th St. at Hayes Ave.
9230 20th St. at Fellows School
5340 20th St. at Northwestern Ave.
5330 20th St. at Melrose Ave.
5320 20th St. at Grand Ave.
5311 Grand Ave. at 24th St.
5301 Grand Ave. at 28th St.
5005 30th St. at Grand Ave.
5001 North Grand Mall