#1A Red West Bus Stops

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#1A Red West from Kildee to AMS
2501 Kildee Hall
2511 Physics Hall
2521 Gilman Hall
2531 Armory
1092 Howe Hall
1177 Beyer Hall
2071 West St. at Hyland Ave.
3591 Hyland Ave. at Lincoln Way
3581 Lincoln Way at State Ave.
3571 Lincoln Way at Wilmoth Ave.
3561 Lincoln Way at Franklin Ave.
3551 Lincoln Way at Marshall Ave.
3541 Lincoln Way at Hickory Dr.
3521 S. Dakota Ave. at Lincoln Swing
3511 S. Dakota Ave. at Todd Dr.
3501 S. Dakota Ave. at Clemens Blvd.
1188 Steinbeck St. at S. Dakota Ave.
1189 Dickenson Ave. at Steinbeck St.
1190 Dickenson Ave. at Mortensen Rd.
3300 Mortensen Rd. at Coconino Rd.
3310 Mortensen Rd. at Dotson Dr.
3333 Ames Middle School