#1A Red East Bus Stops

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#1A Red East - Kildee/Bessey using Osborn
3333 Ames Middle School
3301 Mortensen Rd. at Pinon Rd.
3470 Dickenson Ave. at Mortensen Rd.
3480 Dickenson Ave. at Steinbeck St.
3490 Steinbeck St. at S. Dakota Ave.
3500 S. Dakota Ave. at Clemens Blvd.
3510 S. Dakota Ave. at Todd Dr.
3530 Lincoln Way at S. Dakota Ave.
3540 Lincoln Way at Beedle Dr.
3550 Lincoln Way at Marshall Ave.
3560 Lincoln Way at S. Franklin Ave.
3570 Lincoln Way at S. Wilmoth Ave.
3580 Lincoln Way at State Ave.
3590 Hyland Ave. at Lincoln Way
2070 West St. at Hyland Ave.
1209 State Gym
1122 Sweeney Hall
2530 Coover Hall
2520 Parks Library
2500 Bessey Hall
1383 Bissell Rd. at Osborn Dr. (using Pammel)
1384 Pammel Dr. at Spedding Hall (using Pammel)
1385 Pammel Dr. at Science II (using Pammel)
2490 University Blvd. at Stange Rd. (using Pammel)
2501 Kildee Hall (using Pammel)