#6 Brown South Bus Stops

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#6 Brown South
5001 North Grand Mall
4000 Grand Ave. at 30th St.
4010 Grand Ave. at Wheeler St.
4021 Bloomington Rd. at Grand Ave.
4030 Bloomington Rd. at Roy Key Ave.
4041 Bloomington Rd. at Hoover Ave.
4051 Bloomington Rd. at Fletcher Blvd.
4061 Bloomington Rd. at Eisenhower Ave.
4071 Bloomington Rd. at Hyde Ave.
4081 Stange Rd. at Bloomington Rd.
4091 Stange Rd. at Yorkshire Rd.
4101 Stange Rd. at Aspen Rd.
4111 Stange Rd. at Bristol Dr.
4121 Stange Rd. at Greensboro Dr.
4131 Stange Rd. at Blankenburg Dr.
4141 Stange Rd. at Bruner St.
4501 Stange Rd. at Frederiksen
2490 University Blvd. at Stange Rd.
2501 Kildee Hall
2521 Gilman Hall
2531 Armory
2541 Howe Hall
2050 Upper Friley
2110 Lake Laverne
2101 Morrill Rd. at Memorial Union
8811 Lynn Ave. at Chamberlain St.
8831 Knapp St. at Lynn Ave.
8851 Welch Ave. at Knapp St.
8871 Storm St. at Welch Ave.
8881 Hayward Ave. at Wilson Hall
8890 Mortensen Pkwy at Hayward Ave.
8900 Mortensen Pkwy at Gateway Hills Park Dr.
8910 Mortensen Pkwy at Ash Ave.
8920 Mortensen Pkwy at Little Bluestem Ct.
8930 Mortensen Pkwy at Coneflower Ct.
8941 University Blvd. at Mortensen Pkwy
8951 University Blvd. at Green Hills Dr.
8961 University Blvd. at Holiday Inn
8971 University Blvd. at Wessex
8981 University Blvd. at Second Roundabout
8990 The Core