#2 Green West Bus Stops

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#2 Green West
5001 North Grand Mall
5310 Grand Ave. at 24th St.
5321 20th St. at Grand Ave.
5331 20th St. at Melrose Ave.
5341 20th St. at Northwestern Ave.
5350 S. 16th St. at Northwestern Ave.
5360 16th St. at Roosevelt Ave.
5370 16th St. at Grand Ave.
5381 Grand Ave. at 13th St.
5391 Grand Ave. at 11th St.
5400 9th St. at Grand Ave.
5411 Clark Ave. at 9th St.
5421 Clark Ave. at 6th St.
5501 City Hall
5620 Northwestern Ave. at 5th St.
5631 6th St. at Northwestern Ave.
5641 6th St. at Brookridge Ave.
5651 6th St. at Brookside Park
5661 6th St. at University Blvd.
5681 University Blvd. at Haber Rd.
2501 Kildee Hall
2521 Gilman Hall
2531 Armory
2541 Howe Hall
2061 Beyer Hall
2071 West St. at Hyland Ave.
3800 Hyland Ave. at Sheldon
3810 Hyland Ave. at Forest Hills Dr.
3820 Hyland Ave. at Ross Rd.
3841 Ontario St. at Hyland Ave.
3851 Ontario St. at Iowa Cir.
3861 Ontario St. at Minnesota Ave.
3871 Ontario St. at Scholl Rd.
3881 Ontario St. at Garfield Ave.
3891 Ontario St. at Alabama Ln.
3901 Ontario St. at Woodstock Ave.
3911 Ontario St. at Delaware Ave.
3921 Ontario St. at Georgia Ave.
3931 Ontario St. at Illinois Ave.
3941 Ontario St. at Kentucky Ave.
3951 Ontario St. at California Ave.