#14 Peach South Bus Stops

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#14 Peach South
5001 North Grand Mall
5005 30th St. at Grand Ave.
4201 30th St. at Regency Ct.
4211 Northwestern Ave. at 30th St.
4221 Northwestern Ave. at Johnson St.
4231 Northwestern Ave. at 26th St.
4241 24th St. at Northwestern Ave.
4251 24th St. at Hoover Ave.
4261 24th St. at Hayes Ave.
4271 24th St. at Northcrest Dr.
4281 24th St. at Kent Ave.
4121 Stange Rd. at Greensboro Dr.
4131 Stange Rd. at Blankenburg Dr.
4141 Stange Rd. at Bruner St.
4501 Stange Rd. at Frederiksen
2490 University Blvd. at Stange Rd.
2231 Agronomy Hall
2211 Beach Rd. at Forker Hall
2201 Beach Rd. at Linden Hall
6451 Beach Ave. at Sunset Dr.
6001 Iowa State Center
6470 Jack Trice Stadium
7711 Stadium Parking at North Stop
7721 Stadium Parking at South Stop
7731 Christensen at S. 16th St.
7741 Christensen at Day Care Center
7750 Veterinary Medicine