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The NextBus system allows users to sign up for personalized alerts. CyRide’s NextBus system will use these alerts to notify customers of route changes due to delay, weather or holiday schedules. Alerts can be customized for one-time/immediate alerts, time specific or route specific. Each of these is explained below:

One-Time/Immediate Alerts

These alerts are often used while “in the moment.” Most users will use this type of alert when they ride a bus outside of their regular ridership patterns. If a class finishes early or a trip to the grocery store or doctor takes longer than expected, a customer can create an immediate alert to notify them when their NEXT BUS is nearby (designated in minutes). Using this alert allows the customer to skip using a paper schedule and to access the real-time trip information using more convenient formats.

Scheduled Alerts

These alerts are similar to one-time/immediate alerts except for the fact that they reoccur. This alert works well if a customer regularly catches the same bus each time, such as the first bus after class or work ends. Alerts can be set up every weekday, for specific days or everyday. This alert also allows customers to skip using a paper schedule and to access the real-time trip information using more convenient formats; however, it will provide you with every alert from the time you first receive the alert until the time the bus actually arrives.

Watch Route Alerts

These alerts allow customers to subscribe to specific routes. Once subscribed, passengers will have a direct feed from CyRide’s dispatchers. Customers will know if their selected route is delayed due to weather, detours or traffic congestion. In addition, customers will also be notified of any service change due to road closures or holidays. This alert provides a great snapshot of CyRide’s service calendar as well as major service delays when they occur; however, alerts are sent at anytime, even when a customer has no need to catch a bus.

Steps to Sign Up for Alerts

To sign up for one-time, scheduled or watch alerts, customers will need to follow the steps below using the NextBus website. Customers can choose between SMS, Email or Web-based alerts.   Only standard SMS charges from your cell phone company will apply.  *** Please note that web-based alerts require Java for this to work, therefore this is not supported on most phones.  For alerts to function for web-based, you will need to keep your myNextbus page open in your web browser.  If you exit out of your web browser, the alert applet will stop.  For more information on Alerts, click here.

Step 1: Visit 
Step 2: Click “Create a New Login” and follow the onscreen instructions.
Step 3: Select the alerts you would like to create (see above explanations of each alert which is also explained on your myNextBus page)