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Real-Time Route Information

CyRide is excited to offer bus prediction service called NEXT BUS. With NEXT BUS, you can use your touchtone telephone, mobile device, or web enabled computer to see exactly where the bus is at, at anytime and its predicted time of arrival at your bus stop location.  You can also view real-time maps.  View CyRide's NEXT BUS User's Guide for more information on how to text, call or browse for your next bus.  Passengers can also learn how to set up alerts (one-time, scheduled or watch) for your stops!

Select your route/direction/stop to obtain GPS-based arrival times:

Real-time Map View: If you would like to view a map displaying the next arrival times as well as a visual of the current location of buses servicing the Route you have selected, use the Google Map feature. Choose the routes you want to view by clicking the paper with lines on the upper right hand corner (tan header bar) of the Google Map page. Once you get the routes you want displayed, simply mouse-over the bus stop of your choice to obtain the times.