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Real-Time Prediction Bus Information

Effective August 19, 2019, CyRide has transitioned its previous real-time predictive service (Nextbus) to a new system called MyRide.  (This includes Iowa State's MyState application.)  The Nextbus system will not function from this point forward due to expiring agreements.  Passengers may want to utilize the published or printed school year schedule to determine bus arrival times during the this transition of technology.  Passengers can also call CyRide directly at 515-292-1100 for schedule information.

Effective August 19, 2019, start utilizing MyRide, CyRide's bus prediction service!  With MyRide, you can use your touchtone telephone, mobile device, or web enabled computer to see exactly where the bus is at, at anytime and its predicted time of arrival at your bus stop location.  

Passengers can access MyRide information: (Prior to 8/19/2019, information may be inaccurate/incomplete from these sources below. )

The bus stop identification numbers and QR codes that are currently on the bus stop signs next to the stop number will all continue to function similarly.  Bus stops numbers following the rules below: 

1) Bus stops on the north/west side of the road will be odd numbered
2) Bus stops on the south/east side will be even numbered
3)The first number of the stop will represent a zone in town
4) Stops across the street from one another will typically have adjacent numbers.

    To view a complete bus stop list of numbers, visit

    Select your route/direction/stop to obtain GPS-based arrival times: