Dial-A-Ride (ADA Paratransit)

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Dial-A-Ride is a door-to-door service serving individuals with a disability within the City of Ames during all hours the fixed routes are running. Dial-A-Ride is currently operated by CyRide's Contractor Heart of Iowa Regional Transit Agency (HIRTA). Passengers eligible for paratransit service as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act can ride for the fares shown below. All others pay the General Public fare.  HIRTA also operates the public transportation for Story County for the general public (anyone can ride) if you do not qualify for Dial-A-Ride services.

Rides may be scheduled up to two weeks in advance and must be scheduled by 4:30 pm of the night before you want to travel to be ensured of a ride. After these hours, customers can leave a message and a HIRTA representative will return the call with information regarding the desired trip.  Dial-A-Ride only travels within the City of Ames and there is a higher cost east of the Skunk River on weekdays after 7:00 pm as well as on weekends.  Same day calls will be accepted if there is time and space available. 

Call 1-877-686-0029 to arrange for a ride.  You may also wish to check out HIRTA's new Mobile App, AMBLE, which allows you to schedule and manage your Dial-A-Ride trips taken on HIRTA yourself! There is also a pay feature that eliminates the need to carry tickets or cash! Check it out!

View CyRide's Dial-A-Ride brochure online.

Customers may wish to view CyRide's Dial-A-Ride Denial of Service Policy regarding when and how they may be suspended for a period of time.

Dial-A-Ride Fares (one-way trip) - within 3/4 mile of a fixed route
  ADA Eligible General Public
Full Fare $2.00 or 2 regular Fare tickets $18.00
ISU Student Free  $18.00

Dial-A-Ride Fares (one-way trip) - East of Skunk River (within the city limits of Ames)
(Weeknights only after 6pm and all day on weekends)
  ADA Eligible General Public 
Full Fare $5.00 or 5 regular Fare tickets
ISU Student $5.00 $18.00 

To be eligible for ADA paratransit service, a passenger must be unable to use a fixed route bus due to one of the following reasons because of a disability:

  • Unable to get to or from a bus stop at the point of origin or destination
  • Unable to board the bus at a bus stop
  • Unable to independently recognize the destination and disembark the bus
  • If a trip involves a transfer, unable to travel between routes

Being unable to drive, living in an area where there is no CyRide bus service, or because Dial-A-Ride is more convenient does not make a person eligible for Dial A Ride unless they meet one of the criteria above due to a disability.

Download an ADA paratransit service application to your computer, print it, fill it out and send it to CyRide at 601 N. University Blvd.; Ames, IA 50010.