CyRide 2.0 Overview

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The Next Generation of Navigating Ames!

Welcome to "CyRide 2.0 - The Next Generation of Navigating Ames!"  Below is information regarding CyRide's new routes and timetables that will go into effect in two phases for the Summer 2018 and School Year 2018-2019 service changes.  As a result of a year-long study (2016-2017) and extensive public input, CyRide's Transit Board voted to revise a majority of its service to make bus travel better throughout the Ames community.  Passengers may opt to quickly review the summary of changes by service change date or view the bus stops changes to see if they impact your trip(s).  Below are the finalized route timetables/maps, fare reduction notice and new service policies.  

Route Timetables & Maps

  • Summer 2018 Route Timetables and Maps - Effective 5/5/2018 - 8/12/2018 -
    Major changes include: #4 Gray (route ends 5/5/2018; replace with EASE), #5 Yellow (shorten route to operate with 40-foot bus; increase frequency to 30 minutes  all day Weekdays & Saturday), #9 Plum (operates weekdays - 40 minute frequency), #10 Pink (route ends 5/5/2018; replace with EASE), EASE - East Ames Service Extension (New service; see EASE Brochure)

  • School Year 2018/2019 Route Timetables and Maps - Effective 8/13/2018 - 5/3/2019
    Major changes include: #1 Red, #2 Green,#3 Blue, #5 Yellow (implemented summer 2018),#6 Brown,#7 Purple, #9 Plum (no changes from school year 2017, but now will operate 40 minute service over I S U breaks), #11 Cherry (re-branded 1A Red), #12 Lilac (New route), #14 Peach (New route; replaces #3 Blue North and #23 Vet Med trips), #21 Cardinal (timepoint change only), #23 Orange (more frequent service shown), #24 Silver (eliminated due to low ridership; access S-lots via #3 Blue or #14 Peach), #25 Gold (New route), EASE - East Ames Service Extension (implemented summer 2018)

  • Summer 2019 Route Timetables - Effective 5/11/2019 - 8/18/2019
    Major changes will be modifying routes similar to their school year routing design. Major changes from last summer include #2 Green not deviating to Ames High School, #9 Plum deviating inbound into Vet Med for inbound trips to campus, #14 Peach operating 30 minute service between the Mall and campus (passengers will transfer to #9 Plum to reach Vet Med), #11 Cherry (added service for summer) and #25 Gold (40-minute service between #40 Schilletter and campus; does not serve Towers).  Routes that will not operate during the summer include #11 Lilac, #21 Cardinal and Moonlight Express.

Fare Reduction

CyRide "rolled back" its fares to previous 2011 levels that became effective May 5, 2018.  The cash fare decreased from $1.25 to $1.00!  See CyRide 2.0 Fares illustrating reductions in all fare media including cash, tickets and passes!

Policy Changes

Please take a moment to review the major policy changes that will become effective May 5, 2018 with CyRide 2.0 implementation.  The intent of the changes is to provide our customers with better and more efficient service throughout the Ames community.  While there will always be transit needs, we hope the changes provide each of you with more options to get where you need to travel throughout Ames.

  • Bus Stop Arrival Policy – CyRide schedules are available on buses, in shelters, and at www.cyride.com. The schedule lists trips that allow a passenger to reach their destination on time. Along the majority of high-capacity routes, more frequent service has been added to the schedule to provide customers additional travel options.  In previous years buses platooned into campus in groups, but under CyRide 2.0 buses will be spaced out and travel more often throughout the day.  Be aware that trips during peak periods (i.e. right before class or before the hour) may overload requiring remaining passengers to wait in line for the next scheduled bus. To arrive on time to your destination, arrive at your bus stop early to be first in line or take an earlier scheduled bus trip.  
  • Transfer Policy – A transfer is needed when one bus will not take you to your final destination and you need two buses to get to where you're going.

    To help alleviate congestion on Iowa State University campus, CyRide will not guarantee transfers on campus on weekdays from the start of service to 6:00 pm. This means if two routes are scheduled to match up at a time point where a direct transfer could be made and one of these buses is running late, CyRide will not hold that bus up to guarantee the transfer. Additionally once Union Drive is reconstructed at Student Services (construction to be completed by mid-August 2019) to not allow traffic to pass, CyRide buses will need to keep the buses flowing within this area to keep buses on schedule as well as allow vehicular traffic through this area.  After 6:00 pm and on weekends, drivers will make all attempts to make transfers happen within a reasonable amount of time.  Off-campus, drivers will make all attempts to ensure transfers occur, if informed by the passenger that they need a transfer, when buses arrived within two-minutes from one another.
    •  On-Campus transfer locations:  Lincoln Way/Beach, Student Services, Upper Friley, Kildee Hall, Bessey Hall, Beyer Hall, State Gym.
    • Off-Campus transfer locations:  North Grand Mall, City Hall, S. 5th/Duff.
  •  Runner Policy - Every rider runs late and misses their bus occasionally.  To ensure schedules remain on time, buses will no longer be able to wait for late passengers running to the bus stop.  Instead, CyRide has increased frequency of buses to lessen the impact if you accidentally miss your bus.

    • Passengers who are not physically standing at the bus stop at the time the bus is scheduled to leave, may be left and will have to wait for the next scheduled bus.
    • Passengers should NOT run after a departing bus
    • Once the bus has left the curb/stop, drivers are instructed to NOT stop the bus for the safety of everyone.
    • Passengers should arrive at the bus stop 5-minutes early and be visible to the driver as the bus approaches. Passengers should also prepare to board by lining up in an orderly manner.

    Remember, every time a bus waits for one customer, it is delaying many other passengers already on the bus so to be fair to our on-time riders, CyRide cannot wait.  Passengers should arrive early.