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In order for your trip on CyRide to be as comfortable and convenient as possible, we are providing these guidelines to help you to learn how to ride. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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How to Ride Video 
Read a Schedule Video
Rackn' Roll with CyRide (bike & ride) 
Transferring Buses 
Overloaded Buses Running Behind Schedule 
Stopping the Bus 
Exiting the Bus 
Riding Moonlight Express

Items Not Allowed 
Food, Beverage, Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs
Safety Equipment 
Passengers with Wheelchairs



How to Ride Video
Our buses are clean, reliable, and easy to use. Learn the basics in our “How to Ride” video. Learn how to locate bus stops, where to wait, how to get on the bus, and how to make it stop.

Reading the Schedule Video
Schedules are available on the buses, in our shelters, and online. Learn about timetables, route maps, and timepoints. Schedules include an Ames route map, an ISU map, and timetables for service. Watch the "Reading the Schedule" video to learn how it all comes together.

Rackn' Roll with CyRide
CyRide has a majority of buses wtihin our fleet equipped with bike racks. Check out your route timetable for a bike symbol to ensure your trip has a rack. For more information on biking and riding the bus, go to CyRide's Rackn' Roll page or brochure for all the details!



Transferring Buses
A transfer is needed when one bus will not take you to your ending destination and you need two buses to get to where you're going. If you need to transfer to another bus, please tell the driver when you board (even if you have an unlimited ride pass). According to the policy below, the driver may help facilitate a transfer over the radio by holding a bus for your convenience.  If you are unsure of whether or not you need to transfer, or where you are going, please feel free to ask the driver and they can help you get to your destination. 

To help alleviate congestion on Iowa State University campus, CyRide will not guarantee transfers on campus on weekdays from the start of service until 6:00 pm. This means if two routes are scheduled to match up at a time point where a direct transfer could be made and one of these buses is running late, CyRide will not hold that bus up to guarantee the transfer. Union Drive has been reconstructed at Student Services (construction to be completed by mid-August 2019) to not allow traffic to pass and CyRide buses will need to keep the buses flowing within this area to keep buses on schedule as well as allow vehicular traffic through this area.  After 6:00 pm and on weekends, drivers will make all attempts to facilitate transfers within a reasonable amount of time.  Off-campus, drivers will make all attempts to ensure transfers occur at any time throughout the day or evening, if informed by the passenger that they need a transfer, when buses arrive within two-minutes from one another.

  •  On-Campus transfer locations:  Lincoln Way/Beach, Student Services, Upper Friley, Kildee Hall, Bessey Hall, Beyer Hall, State Gym.
  • Off-Campus transfer locations:  North Grand Mall, City Hall, S. 5th/Duff.

Overloaded and Extra Buses
CyRide schedules are available on buses, in shelters and at  The schedule lists trips that allow a passenger to reach their destination on time. During busy times and/or inclement weather, buses will occasionally get overloaded. Please make as much standing room as possible, and fill seats from the back of the bus to the front of the bus, so that we can carry as many people as we can on a bus. If you need to stand, please move as far back as possible.

Be aware that trips during peak periods (i.e. right before class or before the hour) may also overload requiring remaining passengers to wait in line for the next scheduled bus. To arrive on time to your destination, arrive at your bus stop early to be first in line or take an earlier scheduled bus trip.   CyRide may send out "extra" buses to help with "routinely overloaded" trips as deemed necessary.


Runner Policy
Every rider runs late and misses their bus occasionally.  To ensure schedules remain on time, buses cannot wait for late passengers running to the bus stop.  CyRide has increased the frequency of buses to lessen the impact if you accidentally miss your bus.  Remember, every time a bus waits for one customer, it is delaying many other passengers already on the bus so to be fair to our on-time riders, CyRide cannot wait.  Passengers should arrive early.

  • Passengers who are not physically standing at the bus stop at the time the bus is scheduled to leave, may be left and will have to wait for the next scheduled bus.
  • Passengers should NOT run after a departing bus
  • Once the bus has left the curb/stop, drivers are instructed to NOT stop the bus for the safety of everyone.
  • Passengers should arrive at the bus stop 5-minutes early prior to the scheduled time and be visible to the driver as the bus approaches. Passengers should also prepare to board by lining up in an orderly manner.

Items Not Allowed
The following items are not allowed on our buses, for your safety and the safety of others:

  • Car batteries
  • Firearms
  • Gasoline or other flammable liquids
  • Large pieces of lumber
  • Large boxes (A projection TV just won’t work)
  • Animals other than service animals
  • Other items that cannot be kept out of the aisles of the buses

Food, Beverage, Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs
Food and Beverages are allowed on the buses, as long as they have a closeable lid. Pop cans will be allowed, but any other beverage must have a closable lid. We ask that you not eat food items on the buses, as they can be messy.  Also, the following will be prohibited on the bus or in a bus shelter for customer safety and comfort:

  • Drinking an alcoholic beverage or possessing an open container
  • Smoking, vaping or carrying of any type of lit pipe, cigar, cigarette, etc.
  • Possessing an illegal drug or substance

Riding Moonlight Express
CyRide’s Moonlight Express service operates after 10:30 PM, ending at 3:00 AM on Friday and Saturday evenings, while ISU is in session. This is a free service that offers passengers a free, safe ride. When you call for a ride, please have the following information ready:

  • Where you are at
  • Where you need to go
  • How many people are with you
  • How soon you would like to go

The dispatcher will take this information, and schedule a call for you. This may take a few minutes, as many people are riding our service. Please be prepared to hold, and as soon as the dispatcher has your call set up for you, they will let you know where to wait for the bus, and what time the bus will be there to pick you up. There are several buses running our service, and the first bus you see may not be the one that is coming to pick you up. Please wait at the location the dispatcher tells you to, and your bus will be at your location within a few minutes of the time we have given you.

Running Behind Schedule
Sometimes, due to circumstances beyond CyRide’s control, buses will run a few minutes behind. We will make every effort to stay within 3 minutes of the posted schedule. Please plan to be at your stop 5 minutes early to avoid variances in schedules. Schedules for fixed route operations are available on buses, on the CyRide website, several local merchants, and at City Hall. Feel free to take one for your personal use. Please utilize CyRide's real-time schedule information MyRide available via phone, text or website at each of CyRide's stops to see when your next bus will arrive at a stop!

Stopping the Bus
To request a stop, please pull on the yellow pull cords located along the sides of the bus. This will let the driver know that you need off at the next stop. A polite verbal request is also acceptable.

Exiting the Bus
The rear doors of the bus are for passenger exit only. After the green light above the doors is lit, you may exit the bus.  In order for the rear bus doors to open, passengers may be required to step down on the top step in the stairwell or touch portions of the door/handle.

Please keep everything (including yourself) inside of the windows. Windows may be opened in warmer weather for comfort, but we ask that you not throw anything or hang anything out of the windows.

Safety Equipment
Safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and cleaning supplies are equipped on our buses. If the need arises for one of these items, please talk with the driver. 

Passengers with Wheelchairs
Occasionally passengers in wheelchairs will be boarding CyRide's buses. Passengers in the seats over the wheelchair restraints will need to relinquish their seats so that the driver can secure the passenger’s wheelchair. We thank you in advance for this courtesy.