Sustainability Efforts

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CyBrid Logo  Fleet: The Cybrids are 12 hybrid buses, accounting for approximately 17% of CyRide's large bus fleet, that began service in August 2010! Cybrids team a small biodiesel engine with an electric motor for efficiency. Cybrids capture braking energy during stops and release it for use during accelerations. Our greener Cybrids are estimated to save 23,000 gallons of fuel and 210,513 kilograms of CO2 every year! Because they are 50% quieter, Cybrids also help cut unwanted noise pollution. The redesigned paint scheme was chosen by the Ames community in January of 2010 through an online voting contest. CyRide received 94% of the funding for these vehicles through federal and state funding, but primarily through the 2009 Recovery Act. For more information about CyRide's Cybrid fleet, see our brochure or our active revenue service fleet.

Biodiesel Fuel: CyRide operates its fleet with 2-10% biodiesel in the summer and 2% in the winter. Biodiesel contains no sulfur or aromatics, and use of biodiesel in a conventional diesel engine results in substantial reduction of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and particulate matter.

Solar Powered Bus Shelters: CyRide has a few solar shelters in operation and has plans to incorporate solar power into any future shelter installation throughout Ames. Solar shelters are powered by the sun and therefore would not incur any operating cost to keep shelters lighted for passengers. CyRide is planning to switch out their current shelters with different designed shelters with solar power.

E85/Hybrid supervisory vehicles: CyRide has plans to purchase E85 or hybrid vehicles to replace current vans within its fleet. CyRide started its first purchase with a 2008 Chevy Impala capable of utilizing E85 fuel delivered in January 2009. CyRide's second vehicle purchase was a 2009 red hybrid Prius. CyRide mostly utilizes these vehicles for relief driver transportation.

LEED Administrative Building Achieves Gold: CyRide completed its construction to the administrative portion of the facility in May 2008. The building was designed to achieve silver Leadership in Energy Efficiency in Design (LEED) certification. However, CyRide is proud to announce that the facility achieved GOLD status! CyRide is the first LEED Gold building in Iowa. Some of the features that make CyRide's facility LEED eligible are:

  • Heating the building with water from ISU’s Cooling Towers
  • Collecting and storing rainwater to irrigate the landscaping in the front of the building
  • Orienting the building windows to take advantage of natural light
  • Using renewable and regionally available materials on the interior of the building
  • Using healthier interior finishes like low-emitting paints and carpet adhesives
  • Using efficient appliances and sensor controlled lighting to reduce our energy consumption
  • Installing an energy saving, reflective white roof which reduced urban heating
  • Starting a recycling program and using green cleaning and paper products
  • Using landscaping materials that support and attract wildlife

LEED Administrative Building

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