Transit Feasibility Study

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Ames Transit Feasibility Study

In June 2007, CyRide finalized a Transit Feasibility Study that focused on seven corridors/areas to improve transit within the City of Ames. This study was a coordinated effort between the City of Ames, Government of the Student Body and Iowa State University. Recommendations for service improvements for each of these corridors can be viewed in the final report viewed here.

Consideration was given to revive a past Dinkey service within these corridors from previous discussions within the Ames community. The original Dinkey was a rail line from downtown Ames to Iowa State University that ran from 1892 to 1929. It started as a steam powered train and was converted to electric streetcars in 1907. After much discussion and documentation, the street car was not considered a valid option during the course of the Transit Feasibility study as ridership did and would not demand another Dinkey in Ames for the foreseeable future. For historical links regarding the Dinkey service in Ames, Iowa, click here.


CyRide conducted several public meetings in November 2007 discussing all the final recommended service options within the study and to obtain public comments for CyRide's Board of Trustee's December 2007 meeting. In addition, CyRide staff conducted presentations to groups throughout the community as well as publicized the presentation on Channel 12 LIVE to receive additional comments. The recommendations discussed with the public can be viewed below:

For additional information regarding the Ames Transit Feasibility Study or to submit comments about the study, please contact Shari Atwood (Transit Planner) at or 515-239-5539.