Language Assistance

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CyRide's goal is to ensure that all Ames' residents and visitors have access to our transit service, programs or activities that we provide regardless of race, color or national origin, including non-English speaking persons.  Therefore, CyRide provides the following language assistance measures to non-English speaking individuals:

  1. Google Translate - CyRide provides the ability for individuals to translate CyRide's website into their preferred language via Google Translate.  The "Select Language" drop down box is located at the top of the website in the red header to the left of the date and time.  However, CyRide is not responsible for the accuracy of this language translation.
  2. Picture Graphics - CyRide has implemented a picture book filled with pictures or graphics of typical lost items that are found on the bus.  These photos are identified via photos and words in alternative languages (Chinese, Korean, Spanish, etc) to help determine what passengers may be trying to locate when coming to CyRide's offices for Lost & Found items. 
  3. I Speak Cards - When customers visit CyRide's offices, staff have access to I Speak Cards which enables CyRide office staff to quickly determine a customers' preferred language.  Once a language is determined, CyRide staff can access an interpreter over the phone to assist further. 
  4. Language Interpreter Services - CyRide utilizes over the phone language interpreter services to assist in understanding our non-English speaking customers' needs.  This  language interpreter service supports over 240 languages and can be accessed during all days and times of the week, 365 days a year, whenever there language barriers and confusion by CyRide's staff in understanding our customers' needs. Similarly, CyRide's customers can also request the Language Line Interpreter service whenever calling or visiting CyRide and English is a barrier or limitation to receiving CyRide's services. CyRide's supervisors also have access to this over the phone language interpreter service when assisting non-English speaking customers when there are communication issues or concerns on the bus.
  5. Vital Documents Translated to Mandarin Chinese - Due to a greater number of limited English proficient Chinese population in Ames, Iowa, CyRide has translated the following documents directly into Mandarin Chinese found below:

For more information about CyRide's Title VI Non-Discrimination Statement, Title VI Complaint Procedures & Complaint Form or our Limited English Proficiency Access Plan, visit