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Rack n' Roll with CyRide!

Tire LogoBikes and CyRide..... a winning combination!
Whether you're an avid bike commuter or a recreational cyclist, CyRide's Rack 'n Roll program is guaranteed to enhance your ride. If you're caught in a downpour, stranded with a flat, or stuck riding at nights, CyRide's Rack 'n Roll will help you go the distance! It's a healthy, economical, and earth friendly way to commute. Rack 'n Roll, another great reason to get on CyRide. For a printable easy overview of CyRide's bike rack program, download our Rack n' Roll Brochure OR view the illustrative video below on how to load/unload your bike.  All CyRide buses are equipped with bike racks so feel free to Rack n' Roll year-round!

Loading Your Bike

As we Arrive....
Remove all loose items: water bottles, computers, pumps, or anything that could fall off. Signal the driver that you're going to load your bike. When the bus has fully stopped and the driver acknowledges your request, you can load your bike. To avoid traffic, always load your bike curbside.

  • Step 1: Squeeze the metal handle on the bike rack to release the latch, and lower the rack.
  • Step 2: Lift your bike on to the rack, and position the bike into the rack's wheel wells. Use the position closest to the bus if it is vacant.
  • Step 3: Raise and pull the support arm up and over the bike's front tire. (You may need to hold your bike in place while you secure the support arm.) The rack firmly holds the bicycle's tires only. No contact is made with the frame, which reduces any potential damage to a loaded bike.

Go: After loading, simply get on the bus and enjoy the ride!

UnloadingYour Bike

As you Arrive....
As you approach your stop, please remind the driver that you need to unload your bike.

  • Step 3: Raise and pull the support arm away from your front tire. (You may need to hold your bike in place while you release the support arm.)
  • Step 2: Lift your bike out of the rack.
  • Step 1: If the rack is empty, squeeze the handle and raise the rack to the upright and locked position.

Go: Signal the driver that you have removed your bike and you're off!

Rules of the Rack

CyRide bus drivers are not permitted to leave the bus to assist you, so please make sure you read the loading and unloading instructions carefully. Quickly loading and unloading your bike will help us stay on schedule.

Bike racks will carry most bikes with wheels at least 16 inches in diameter. Tandems, recumbents, mopeds, and tricycles cannot be loaded.

Rack space is limited. If a bus is already carrying two bikes when its stops, you will need to catch the next bus. CyRide does not permit bikes inside the bus.

Make your bike identifiable in the event of theft or loss. If you forget to unload your bike, call 292-1100. Bike will be turned in when the bus returns to CyRide. Unclaimed bikes will be held for two weeks. CyRide is not responsible for any theft or damage while bikes are on the rack or at any CyRide facility.

In an effort to continually promote safety first, CyRide offers this link to our Ames bikers! Bike Safe Banner