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Advertising with CyRide

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2008 July 4th Parade BusAdvertising via CyRide is a fabulous way to deliver your advertising message throughout the Ames community, with larger-than-life messages that people simply can’t ignore. After all, it’s a big bus with a big billboard! Advertisement signs can be placed on the outside or insides of our buses depending on what works for you! The benefits of advertising on CyRide buses are countless:

  • Great Value: Bus ads are an effective and cost-efficient form of outdoor advertising to generate long lasting impressions.
  • Moving Billboards: CyRide travels throughout the entire Ames community thereby circulating your advertisement as a moving billboard through local neighborhoods, commercial areas and Iowa State University campus. Where else can you advertise in the middle of downtown Ames and on ISU campus on the same day?
  • Often and Frequent: CyRide’s buses circulate frequently throughout the community between 3 and 60 minutes depending upon the particular bus route!
  • Captive Audience: Your exterior bus ads are seen by motorists behind and beside the bus as well as pedestrians/bikers and CyRide’s 30,000 daily passengers! Smaller interior bus ads hold a captive audience providing reading material to over 6.5 million passengers CyRide carries each year.
  • Huge Exposure: CyRide’s buses operate 359 days/year operating 20 hours a day when Iowa State University is in session reaching many people during all times of the day! Your ads are seen around the clock, seven days a week.
  • Super Easy: CyRide contracts with Houck Advertising, a professional advertising firm that can help you design a bus ad that works for you! Houck handles the entire process – from designing to installing the signs on the bus. 

For More Information on how to advertise on CyRide, please contact:Houk Transit Advertising
Houck Transit Advertising

1025 Tomlyn Avenue, Suite 100, Shoreview MN 55126
Toll Free: 800-777-7290
Fax: 651-489-7620


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