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CyRide is accessible to seniors and people with disabilities.  CyRide’s buses are all wheelchair accessible and many of our stops have concrete boarding areas to get on or off buses. CyRide is committed to provide all Ames residents and visitors with transportation services including those with disabilities. 

Fixed Route - All of CyRide’s vehicles are accessible to passengers using mobility devices.  If buses are over capacity and unable to board a passenger in a wheelchair, CyRide may send out an additional bus or have a supervisor pick up the passenger. The following accessibility features are available on CyRide buses:

  • Ramps or power lifts for passengers with mobility devices to get on or off the bus. Some buses have a kneeling feature that lowers the first step of the bus closer to the curb for easier boarding.
  • Priority seating is located in the front of the bus for seniors and riders with limited mobility, as well as contain areas to secure passengers with mobility devices. Passengers with mobility devices must allow the driver to secure the mobility device to the bus. Seat belts are available as an option for passengers with mobility devices. 
  • CyRide announces major stops and transfer locations with its automatic voice annunciation system.  Drivers will announce these bus stops if this automated system becomes non-functional.  Passengers can also request the driver manually announce their specific stop . 
  • Speakers on the outside of the bus automatically announce the route and direction of the bus when the bus doors open at any transit bus stop.  Drivers will announce at bus stops servicing more than one route if this automated system becomes non-functional. 
  • Service animals are permitted on all CyRide buses. Non-service animals are not permitted.
  • Reduced fares are available for seniors age 65 and older, passengers with a disability, passengers in Kindergarten through 12th grades and Medicare/Medicaid card holders.

Call 515-292-1100 or email for any additional questions or concerns you may have about accessibility on CyRide’s fixed route services.

Dial-A-Ride: CyRide offers comparable door-to-door service during all hours the fixed routes are operating within the entire City of Ames for qualified customers.  This service is in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act for twice the regular fare of Fixed-Route service.  Dial-A-Ride service is provided under contract by Heart of Iowa Regional Transit Agency (HIRTA).  To view CyRide's Dial-A-Ride brochure, click here.  To be eligible for this service, passengers must be unable to use a fixed route bus due to their disability or disabling health condition and fill out an application citing those reasons for approval by CyRide. Passengers can go ahead and ride Dial-A-Ride while their application is processing by calling Heart of Iowa Regional Transit Agency (HIRTA) toll free at 1-877-686-0029 and arranging a ride.  Click Dial-A-Ride applications to download the application materials and instructions or call 1-877-686-0029 for HIRTA to send you a hardcopy form through the mail. Visitors wanting to ride CyRide's ADA service should contact CyRide at 515-292-1100 and ask for an ADA Visitor pass bypassing the formal application process. 

Reasonable Accommodation/Modification Requests:  CyRide is required to make reasonable modifications or accommodations to policies, practices and procedures upon request to ensure individuals with disabilities have equal access to its transit programs and services (fixed-route service and Dial-A-Ride). For more about this request process, please visit