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U.S. Census 2020: Claim Ames!

Iowa State University Students - Make sure you count!

Post Date:03/23/2020 3:00 PM

U.S. Census rules are very clear - college students should claim the city where they attend school as their residence when they complete the 2020 Census. It's hard to think about the U.S. Census when your life is turned upside down, but completing your census form is a simple task that will make you feel more normal.  Even if you've relocated from Ames temporarily due to the pandemic, remember to complete your form based on the city where you live and sleep the majority of the year & Claim Ames!

Did you know CyRide receives half of its federal funding to operate its transit service each year solely based on the Ames' population that is reflected off the U.S. Census?  Therefore, if you
'typically' live and sleep in Ames in a private house or apartment, please make sure you count yourself as well as everyone living in your household (i.e. roommates, citizens of foreign countries, etc.), so that CyRide receives an appropriate federal distribution! 
The census helps allocate the appropriate federal funding not only for public transit, but also for other important public services like housing, education and public safety.   Census population numbers help determine political representation for the United States Congress as well.  Your census form and counting everyone living in your household does make a difference! 
If you're not getting U.S. Mail right now (perhaps you're not living in Ames right now) or lost your census invitation, it's all right. You can still complete your census form by going to! If you have housemates or roommates, complete the form for 'everyone living at your address'. Keep in mind, you will need to know the following information for each person living within your household (full name, sex, date of birth, ethnicity, race & how each person is related to you). If you find out later your roommate(s) also completed the census for you, worries. The US Census Bureau looks for duplication of submissions. If Census Bureau staff have questions, they will call the phone number each of you provided when you filled out your census form for clarification. Please be advised that they will not share your phone number with others. Students living in Iowa State dorms, residence halls or fraternities/sororities will have a group administrator fill out the census for those group living quarters. 
Life may seem a little uncertain right now, but completing your census is a no-brainer. Its important. It's easy. It's safe.