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New Policies - Update your Bookmarks!

Post Date:08/09/2018 9:00 AM

CyRide 2.0 School Year service is beginning so update your digital bookmarks (pdf or html) to the school year as CyRide 2.0 begins!   Starting Monday, August 13th, CyRide will begin our 2018/2019 School Year service which is a significant change from the previous year's service.   (Please note, that CyRide will operate a Break Schedule (shaded trips do not operate) the first week between August 13-19th as university classes are not in session. Additionally, #11 Cherry, #12 Lilac, #21 Cardinal & #25 Gold do not operate until classes begin August 20th.)  Keep in mind that nearly every CyRide route will be changing in some aspect with the implementation of CyRide 2.0

In addition to route and schedule changes under CyRide 2.0, CyRide has implemented the following policy changes: 

  • THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM:  Customers are encouraged to plan ahead and take an earlier trip to get to their destination on time.  An earlier trip may only be a few minutes and customers that wait until the trip just before they need to be at their destination may experience long lines to get on the bus and miss their preferred trip.  More buses have been placed into some routes allowing passengers to ride more frequently. (See bus stop arrival policy at www.cyride.com/cyride2.0!)
  • IF YOU'RE LATE, WE CAN'T WAIT (and here's why):  It happens.  Every rider runs late and misses their bus occasionally.  To ensure schedules remain on time for those already on board CyRide, buses will no longer wait for late passengers on routes.  Instead, CyRide has increased frequency of buses to lessen the impact if you miss your bus.  Avoid this by being at your bus stop 5+ minutes early or take an earlier trip! (See runner policy at www.cyride.com/cyride2.0!) 
  • HOLD THAT BUS:  Most riders don't make connections on campus; holding buses on campus extends your ride and creates congestion.  By changing frequency, we eliminate wait for those not needing to transfer. To help alleviate congestion on Iowa State University campus, CyRide will not guarantee transfers on campus on weekdays from the start of service to 6:00pm.  Drivers will stop, board/alight passengers and continue through campus.  After 6:00pm and on weekends, drivers will make all attempts to make transfers happen within a reasonable amount of time.  Off-campus (North Grand Mall & City Hall), drivers will make all attempts to ensure transfers occur, if informed by the passenger that they need a transfer, when buses arrived within two-minutes from one another.  (See transfer policy at www.cyride.com/cyride2.0!) 

CyRide's has released a new "Route Map, Timetables and Riding Information" brochure dated August 13, 2018 - May 10, 2019!  Get your printed copy on the bus or go directly to the 2018-2019 School Year Service available online.  Call CyRide at 292-1100 if you need assistance with your route and schedule planning as we are more than happy to assist you!