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Navigating the site

Menus at the top take you to each section of the Web site. Menus also fold down to show you content within those sections for easy access to what you're looking for. CyRide's Quick Links take you directly to the most commonly-requested information by our visitors.  Some of our visitors may be interested in bookmarking Today's Routes as they navigate schedules for the day they are searching.

CyRide can also be found in Google Transit which can help you find your way while using transit throughout the Ames community area. As a convienence, the google transit link is located on CyRide's school year and summer schedule pages.

Lost & Found
Lose an item while riding CyRide? We may be holding onto it for you. Go to the Lost & Found page for details.

Customer Service
We're here to help answer any questions you have.
First, check out How to Ride CyRide for basic information about paying your fare, reading the schedule, biking and riding CyRide and more. You can also view our new individualized route maps for more information about each route travels within the Ames community..
For a fast response, call CyRide at 515-292-1100 or Contact Us via e-mail at

Web site suggestions, questions and concerns
We're working continually to make this Web site serve you better.
If you have a question or comment about this Web site, you can also e-mail CyRide's webmaster.